Thursday, October 21, 2010

Silk Flowers - Are They Better Than The Real Thing?

Silk flowers are not what they used to be! Back in the Cheap silk flowers can be spotted from across the room. They look fake and plasticy. But silk flowers have come a long way! Even modestly priced flowers look authentic. Often it's hard to tell the difference between real flowers and premium silk flowers.

Are there any "real" silk flowers anymore? Yes but they are rare and fading fast. The reason is that new poly-blends hold their shape better and can be made more realistic looking than "silk" flowers.

The term "silk flowers" has become a generic term and is used to talk about almost any fake flower or plant. Most people can visually see the difference in quality but there is an even simpler indicator for quality and that is price. Quality silk flowers look much more authentic and they cost more because of it. In stems, good quality stems will start in the $2 per stem range traditionally (unless it is a small stem). Floral Arrangements are usually over $40 for real looking flowers. Cheap plastic flowers have their place, but maybe not in the dining or living room.

How much do they cost?

As with most things, you get what you pay for. The prices of silk flowers will vary according to size, quality of the silk, and workmanship. If you are looking to bring the most realistic silk flowers into your home, be prepared to spend some money. A nice, realistic drop-in bouquet will cost you around $40.00. A large arrangement may cost around $125.00-300.

Why Purchase Silk Flowers?

Like fresh flowers, silk flowers come in many colors, sizes, and shapes. If you can name a flower, there is likely a silk flower duplicate on the market. Why should I purchase silk flowers, when I can but real thing instead?

Always Blooming - no matter how much you neglect your silk flowers, one thing remains constant: they won't wilt and die like real flowers. You can ignore them for months and they will remain as beautiful as the day you left.

Low Maintenance - Silk flowers are very easy to care for. No plant food, no water, no light.

No Bugs - Real flowers attract bugs. Silk flowers only attract people.

Easy clean-up - To clean your silk flowers, all you need is a feather duster.

No allergons - Many people are highly allergic to real flowers. With silk flowers, these folks can enjoy the beauty of flowers without the sneezing.

No Toxic - They will not harm your pets. Some flowers, such as calla lilies are poisonous to animals. Still, I don't advise feeding them to your pet.

Silk flowers are a great way to brighten up your home or office with color!

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